Monday, 17 February 2014

The 'Pore Off' - Benefit vs Maybeline

I cannot fathom how much hype there has been on the Beauty scene regarding these two products. Claiming to do the exact same thing, minimize pores, just a hefty price different between the two. So, which product will rein victorious I hear you ask...

Benefit Porefessional to start for a pore eraser this product is £24.50 for a product that claims to simply conceal pores and even out skin tone, NOT to pro long makeup wear or control oil e.t.c I feel is a hefty price tag that made me hesitate buying the product. The product is oil free, but as a oily skin girl I feel that it doesn't control my bodies natural oils so I do need to use a mattifying primer over the top, I don't particularly like doing this as I feel it is just more products I am having to put on my skin. I do feel like it conceals my pores and creates a smooth surface for my makeup, it is an excellent product in that respect. I just feel that for its price it should contain more properties to pro long makeup staying power, control oils depending on the skin type and prehaps a bit more than 22ml for £24.50! Although what I'm saying sounds negative I feel it is simply my opinion and constructive criticism to the product, I will be repurchasing when my tube runs on empty! 

Maybeline Baby Skin firstly the hype around this product was phenomenal, baby skin was all I saw on blogs, advertisements, YouTube, magazines and hearing people asking for it in stores around where I live. The arrival of this product in the UK was highly anticipated, and for good reason £7.99 for this pore eraser product which I feel is a more sensible price tag for a product like this. Baby Skin claims to provide a matte finish, hmmmmm debatable Maybeline! As my skin is very, very oily I found that this product had no mattifying properties whatsoever. Personally I did not like the gel formula of the product and unlike the Porefessional could not see a noticeable difference when I applied it onto my pores. 

(Left to right Maybeline Baby Skin, Benefit Porefessional)

I feel that I will be repurchasing the Benefit Porefessional product as I felt it did do a good job at erasing my pores and although I need to wear a mattifying primer over the top it does what it claims to do! The Maybeline Baby Skin I feel like although the price tag is incredible I feel like that Maybeline were slap dash when creating this product and were simply buzzing off the hype that the Baby Lips lip balms created. 

Do you agree? Which one do you prefer?


  1. 100% agree with this comparison. The texture of the professional and the fact that it is tinted make it a much better product :)